Rebecca's Roots: German Genealogy

Please do not use materials from this website without permission. Follow the links on this page to experience the travels of my German families as they emigrated from various parts of Germany to the U.S. and gradually spread westward. There is a separate page for each surname, which includes a brief family history. You will also find a page about German emigration, a map of Germany showing where each family originated, and where they settled in the U.S. Be sure to view the family photo album too.

Please note that this is a work in progress, and all lines are not thoroughly documented with sources at this time.

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Surnames from my Father's side:

Surnames from my Mother's side:

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Other Sources

Here are some excellent sources for German, Swiss, and Jewish Genealogy Research on the Web:

Midwest Sources

More web pages for those interested in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia or Iowa genealogy:

Civil War Sources